To be happy is one thing,

To be satisfied is another

Feelings & emotions

Being like a scrambled puzzle;

Faking a smile, just so I could cover…

The things I don’t want people to see

Because I’m scared…

Of the opinions that don’t even matter.

I’m picking up the right pieces,

But I’m putting them where they don’t belong.

The picture doesn’t look right,

So I’m moving the pieces around

Until they fit, until I choose to pick…

You cannot force something

That isn’t meant to be.

And now I see

Why the pieces didn’t fit

• I wrote this poem a little less than a year ago and I realized that life is sort of like a puzzle; there are so many pieces to it, and it looks messy until you start to put the pieces together. It takes time, and sometimes you need a few extra hands, but the picture you get in the end is worth ALL the work that was put in. When things don’t go our way, when the picture doesn’t look right, it’s human nature to get upset, but you can’t force things to happen if it wasn’t meant to happen, you can’t force people to feel a certain way, you can’t force someone to do something just because you think it’ll be good for them, and vise versa. People will learn what works for them, and what doesn’t, what holds them down, and what lifts them up. Sometimes we have the right pieces in our hands, we just tend to put them where they don’t belong and that’s okay because eventually you’ll realize where that piece goes, and when you finally start to see the picture, and things start to make sense, you know that you’re putting the pieces in the right areas. My life is a puzzle. It’s still a bit messy, and I have a lot of pieces I have yet to put together, but I’m starting to see the bigger picture and so far, it looks amazing 🙂

Xoxo, Savvy ❤



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