There’s something tranquil about the way the water ripples when the wind blows, the way the birds soar, and the way the sky is being reflected by the ocean. As seconds and minutes go by, the sky begins to change in color. The waves are crashing against the rocks, and people are talking in the distance. As I sit in a puddle of worries, a wave of salty, calmness crashes upon me, while breathing in the ocean-filled breeze. With my legs crisscrossed, and my hands laid on my lap, I watch the sky become night. I sit in awe, gazing into the ocean, with a view of the never-ending horizon. The beauty it brings gives me a heart of peace. Even in the midst of a busy, chaotic day, or season of life, it allows me to sit back, relax, and to enjoy the little, big things this world has to offer.

Xoxo, Savvy ❤



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