It’s between you and God

They say everything is a choice and yes, that’s true.

But sometimes it’s a struggle between 

what you want, and what’s the right thing to do.

Don’t be afraid to say no, but if you say yes, it’s okay.

When you make a mistake, don’t be so down or ashamed.

 God won’t love you any less than He does,

And if you do good, He won’t love you any more.

He’s already loved you from the beginning, as a sinner. And that itself is a score.

In fact, It’s a blessing and a half…

And when things get rough,

Never forget His unfailing love,

And that all this will pass.

People will say things, nice and mean… 

They will tell you that your life isn’t clean.

Are theirs? Probably not.

But I’m not one to say, and it shouldn’t be my thought.

But that reminds me of this quote,

“The heart of the problem, is a problem with the heart”

Don’t let your heart be deceived,

And don’t let others be the decider of your faith.

Your grace is so sufficient,

And Your unfailing love never stops doing its job.

In the end, like mother Teresa said,

“It’s not between you and others, but between you and God…

• I wrote this a few years ago. As a little girl, and even until this day, I always cared about what others thought about me; the way I looked, how I dressed, what I believed in, the things I did as hobbies, who my family were, and so much more. But now, I’m 24 years old, and I’m still insecure about certain things in my life, but I realized that at the end of the day, it’s between you and God and what the condition of your heart is. You had a bad day? That’s between you and God.  You wore shorts that were too short? You did something you probably shouldn’t have done? It’s between you and God. You messed up big time and you’re having a hard time accepting it? That’s between you and God. You prayed for something and you’re upset that it hasn’t come yet? It’s between you and God. You told someone that they’re not worth it? It’s between you and a God. And the questions go on. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks you’re a horrible person. I believe that there is no such thing as a horrible person, but we, as humans definitely do horrible things. As long as you know who you are, and you know your identity, then you’re all goood.  In the end, it all comes down to the heart, and though the heart can be deceiving, that’s where it comes down to. Your heart and mind has to be meeting eye to eye with God. God has done SO much in my life, and I’m beyond thankful. Even though I fall constantly, He still loves me. I’m still not perfect, and I never will be, but that’s why I’m thankful for God’s word. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”, and I believe that. When I am weak, He is strong. I say that because I’ve experienced it. And even though I fall into sin, that doesn’t mean that God isn’t working in me. I feel God working in me every single day, and it doesn’t matter if other people know that. As long as I know that, I’m good. When your heart is hardened, when you’re not feeling 100%, it’s more easier to be upset about things and more faster to get angry. Thats where God humbles us. That’s where you have to check your heart, and see if it’s seeing eye with God. I’m so sorry, I went on a rant, I kinda scattered around topics and I probably don’t make sense. Buuuut, I hope you guys enjoy the poem 🙂

Xoxo, Savvy ❤



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