My heart.

My heart. Shattered.

In a million pieces. Scattered…

All over the ground.

But will it matter

If some pieces can’t be found?

Will the heart still work,

Like how it used to?

Will it be able to do the things it used to do?

Will that heart ever love the same way?

Will that heart be able to make way

For other hurts, that I know are going to come.

Because I know that even with this shattered heart,

It’s not done

Not done loving, not done doing what it was meant to do.

Even if some pieces are missing,

Eventually it’ll be replaced.

Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow

But this heart right now,

It feels so hallow.

Like there’s nothing inside

I’m losing my mind

This heart was once so filled

With many things that gave me joy

And now I sit, trying to fill this void

That I have in my heart

Because it’s falling apart…

Xoxo, Savvy ❤



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