Don’t let any trial keep you from moving ahead.

Listen to your heart and what the word says.

Don’t just read it, but live it out.

Live it, plant seeds, Love, and never doubt.

Don’t let fear be the reason to stay back.

It’s okay to go on cruise control, but don’t go off track.

Actions do speak louder than words,

But always speak from the heart.

Trust and beieving is where it starts.

Don’t let discouragement lead you to strife.

And don’t allow others to make your decisions in life.

Be still and know that God is who He is.

Our guider, counselor, provider and everything within.

Don’t make decisions when you’re angry

Be patient, pray and wait for the Lord

Then you will find peace and praise Him even more.

Don’t stop loving and don’t live a life to flaunt.

Because loving and being obedient is what the Lord, our God wants

Don’t question your faith, and don’t second guess.

Just believe and trust God because He knows best.

Don’t let your downfalls make you feel like you’re losing the race.

Because one, it’s not a race and two, we’re saved by God’s grace.

Don’t think that God doesn’t love us; He loves us more than we think.

This life is like the Titanic, but we come back after we sink.

Don’t let the little things in life get you down.

You’re only setting yourself up.

Don’t always take the easy way out.

You’re only digging yoursef into a rut.

Don’t just swim in a circle, but explore the sea.

And everything on the sand, and underneath.

Xoxo, Savvy ❤



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