If fruit isn’t growing, the branch needs to go.

If fruit isn’t growing, the branch needs to go

Because then you’re just allowing thorns to grow

If God closes a door, he’s already opened another

Listen to Him, but also your sisters and brothers.

Fear God and you won’t fear anyone else

But be reminded and hunger for the Lord

Because we can’t live this life by ourselves

We all need to spiritually fed,

So we don’t fall into the world’s desire

This world is full of sin, love and peace

We can either choose Satan, the liar

Or consume God’s holy fire

Many have told me…

“Read God’s word. That’s where you’ll find truth”

Others have told me…

“Don’t believe it if there’s no physical proof”

That’s how you know what you are growing,

It’s not only about that, but about knowing

If you want the fruit to be ripe,

You need to water it the right way

It’s like what they say in James 3:13,

To live an honorable life, you need to understand His ways

In order for a plant to blossom beautifully,

It doesn’t just need sun, but also wind and rain

It’s kind of the same with our lives;

If we live with love, and no pain,

We won’t get a rainbow, only rain

If we do things, but don’t do it out of love

How is that glorifying our Lord above?

He doesn’t just look at the good deeds we do,

He looks within our hearts, where it’s true

Xoxo, Savvy ❤



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