We need God

A sheep needs a shepherd

Like how we need God

Without him, we tend to wander off

We need someone to guide us,

When we go astray

Someone with arms wide open,

To run to at the end of the day

He knows our hearts and our prayers, He hears

Faith, hope and love remains

When everything else disappears

Let go and let God take the wheel

Pray and be thankful when you’re happy, mad, sad, however you feel

Put your trust in God because He knows best

We’re all forgetful people, but let us not forget His commandments.

God is the teacher, He’s always putting us to the test

Don’t dwell, it will only cause a mess

It’s because of Christ Jesus that we are all forgiven,

Even though we don’t deserve it at all

Don’t be afraid to fall, God will either catch you or teach you how to fly

But something to remember is that Jesus is in disguise

Xoxo, Savvy ❤



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