The Indestructible Pipe

At around 8 am this morning, my friend, let’s call her Melissa (that’s not her real name) called me up and said that she’s done smoking and she wants to get rid of everything; the weed, papers, including the pipe she recently purchased. I told her to do what she feels will benefit her life because she said it herself that she was being too dependent on it, and she doesn’t want to rely on that anymore. We talked for about 30 minutes, and I gave her the idea to break the pipe. 4 years ago, I used to be a huge pot head. I owned a pipe, and I also owned a bong, which I purposley broke because I told myself I was gonna quit smoking too. I still smoke here and there now because of my anxiety/insomnia, but I don’t smoke as much as I did before. To be honest, I saved a whole lot of money by not smoking so much. I used to buy an 8th (which is $60 or $40 depending on your dealer, or if they “hooked” you up) every other week. Now, I only buy a gram, which is $20 and that lasts me a good week or two. I personally don’t think smoking is bad. I think everyone has their own outlook on it, and uses smoking in different ways. I think it helps alot of people, and I think others might over do it sometimes. But anyway, back to breaking the pipe… My friend thought it was odd that I said to break the pipe. I told her that the only way she will stop is if she doesn’t have access, or a way to smoke (besides being around those who do smoke and also self-control). So, I told her about how I broke my bong and pipe and how after that incident, I didn’t smoke for almost a whole year. After our conversation on the phone, we went to TipTop, this little breakfast place to eat. We then made our way to Ahukini, a pier near the airport, where we planned to break the pipe. This is where it gets good… We roll up to the parking lot and we see that there’s several cars. We parked facing the ocean and then Melissa mentioned again how there were alot of cars. I told her not to worry, and to follow me. I started to walk down this rock pathway that leads to a bunch of rocks, bushes, and the ocean. After a few minutes of silence, we both looked at each other and started buss laughing because my friend was saying that the pipe’s name is Giggles, Rest In Peace, and how she had so many good times with it, but it’s time to say “goodbye”. She looks at it one last time, and then flies it on the rock. You could hear the pipe hit the rock, BUT IT DIDN’T EVEN BREAK, OR CRACK HAHAHA. It fell in between two rocks, and was in TOP shape, like it wasn’t even flown, like it was just bought, except with resin in it. LOL. Melissa was like “what the F, it didn’t even break!” We both started BUSS laughing so hard. I almost pee’d my pants. My stomach was hurting. I’m not even kidding… I mean, the glass didn’t seem that thick, considering it was a small pipe (4 inches) but I wasn’t expecting it to live. I honestly thought it was going to shatter after it hit the rock, but I was so wrong. LOL. So…………. We did a round 2. I picked up the pipe and she again threw it hard against the rock. You could hear it go *tink tink* against the rocks and then *plop* into the ocean. It didn’t even crack at all, but it did go in the ocean HAHAHA. I thought that was the funniest thing that happened today. Giggles wanted to live, but Melissa wasn’t about that. C’mon now, if you were Melissa or myself, you’d be laughing your asses off. Cause we defnitely did. Then as my friend was walking towards the ocean to see how deep the water was and if she could still see the pipe, she fell flat on her butt. I couldn’t help but laugh. And don’t worry, I did help her get up. I’m the kind of friend that laughs first then helps HAHA. WHAT A DAY! Rest in Peace, Giggles! I deff have some good times with you also. Hahaha. Hope you guys enjoyed this story 😉

Xoxo, Savvy ❤


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